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   Flood Relief Efforts - Reconstruction work, AP
    - 3rd Visit

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Dhyanapeetam is continuing its Flood relief work in the Andhra Pradesh helping the villagers to reconstruct their life and their houses. Three villages have been chosen for building sheds for the villagers who have lost their homes. A total of 4 sheds are under construction which will accommodate about 160 families. NGI Volunteers are staying in the villages temporarily to coordinate the construction effort.

Below are some pictures taken of the reconstruction effort at the flood effected region in Andhra.

The NGI team talking to the villagers
Destroyed Agricultural lands
Municipal chief signing agreement for the construction
Agricultural lands eroded by flood
Marking land for construction.
The situation is being accessed
Fabrication work in progress
Discussing with villagers abt building shelters
NGI volunteers along with the workers
Discussing with villagers abt building shelters
Digging for setting up the pillars
Located land for shelter contruction
Construction work in progress
People currently living in temporary shelters
NGI Volunteers engaged in the shed construction work and cooking

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