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   Peace Initiatives

In line with the vision and mission of its founder,  Paramahamsa Nithyananda, every program and service that's organized and conducted by Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust is aimed at bringing about world peace.  

Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust organizes and conducts various programs in its ashrams and centers across the world - for world peace. Peace prayers, Mass meditation programs, fire rituals, pilgrimages and walks are organized in an effort to raise the collective consciousness of humanity, thus bringing about peace in the world.

Its a well known fact that collective negative energy can effect the physical, mental and spiritual
states of the people. A healthy body is essential for maintaining a healthy mind. Its also the first step towards raising ones consciousness and leading a more spiritual life. 

Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust organizes many free healing camps in an effort to Heal the World thereby restoring health and raising the consciousness, in turn raising the collective consciousness of the society and the universe.

Nithyananda’s global peace efforts can be summarized as follows:

  • Specially designed meditation programs as the first step for realizing peace at the individual level

  • A unique system of yoga called Nithya Yoga for imbibing discipline at the levels of body and mind and realizing inner bliss 

  • Employing powerful mass worship as a means to realizing collective peace and harmony

  • Organizing peace walks to spread awareness about global peace

  • Organizing kumbh melas – confluences aimed at raising collective consciousness

  • Heading spiritual journeys to high energy centers like the Himalayan mountains, Varanasi, Angkor Wat – Cambodia and other places, thus awakening the awareness to the higher Existential energy

  • Mass and home satsang (spiritual gatherings) aimed at creating positive and harmonious vibrations at the individual and global level

  • Meeting world renowned leaders to discuss global peace and religious harmony

  • Powerful messages by Nithyananda himself on the critical need for global peace as well as practical techniques to realize it


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