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Nithyananda, is a renowned Humanitarian and Spiritual leader with headquarters based in Bidadi near Bangalore, India. He travels all over the world to spread his mission of peace, love and harmony through meditation. 2 million people have been touched and transformed by Swami’s meditation techniques and teachings through the mission worldwide.

Swamiji was born in Tiruvannamalai - a spiritual nerve center in South India. Immersed in intense meditation and devotional practices even from childhood, he traveled throughout India on the paths of many spiritual sciences like devotion, yoga, knowledge, meditation, Tantra and other Eastern metaphysical sciences. He also practiced the paths of selfless service, penance and the path of freedom as a Paramahamsa. He is a living proof of these powerful life sciences. After years of study and deep meditation, he attained the state of eternal bliss. 

Today, he is an inspiring personality for millions of people worldwide. He has formulated a Technology of Bliss to create a new cycle of individual consciousness in planet Earth, causing Collective Consciousness to enter into the Super-conscious zone. 

Nithyananda Mission is his worldwide movement for this purpose. With a vision to raise individual consciousness and create an enlightened society, he has developed a diverse range of meditation programs, offering guaranteed life solutions for quick and effective transformation of life. He offers tools for a creative and productive life that is guided by intuition and intelligence rather than by intellect and instinct. 


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