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   About Us

Dhyanapeetam - All in just 6 years!

Dhyanapeeta Charitable Trust was established in 2003 by the Enlightened Master  Paramahamsa Nithyananda at his headquarters in Bidadi, an hour away from Bangalore city. The Mission works to  raise the lifestyle of people through teaching of techniques of meditation and provision of social services. It is a 100% volunteer based organization; so every dollar of support directly goes to providing the intended service. The low cost-benefit ratio in addition enables providing effective service to the people.

The Mission has about 25 ashrams (residential centers) and hundreds of day centers in 35 countries worldwide. These work towards providing life solutions and therapeutic physical and emotional healing to help the people realize and actualize their full potential. The ashrams also provide myriad services aimed at raising the quality of life of people from various economic and social strata.

The broad range of services provided by our team covers the following areas:

  • Meditation and de-addiction camps worldwide: Over 2 million people impacted to date.

  • Free food distribution program: 10,000 nutritious meals distributed every week through all the ashram anna mandirs for all those who visit the ashram.

  • Meditation Programs in prisons: Conducted in prisons and juvenile camps to reform extremist attitudes – resulting in amazing transformation among the inmates.

  • Medical Camps: Free treatment and therapies in allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, eye check-ups, eye surgeries, artificial limb donation camps, gynecology and more.

  • Support to children in rural areas: School buildings, school uniforms and educational materials provided free to rural schools.

  • Life Bliss Technology: A free two year program for youth teaching Life Engineering and the science of enlightenment.

  • Nithyananda Gurukul: A modern scientific approach to education combined with the Vedic system of learning – protecting and developing the innate intelligence of the child who flowers without repression, fear or peer pressure.

  • Corporate Meditation Programs: Specially designed and conducted in corporate firms worldwide including Microsoft, AT&T, Qualcomm, JP Morgan, Petrobras, Pepsi, Oracle, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) – with focus on intuitive management, leadership skills and team work.

  • Promotion of Vedic Culture and Tradition: The ashrams, temples and centers of the mission worldwide actively raise awareness of the Indian culture and tradition and are seats of learning for multi-facets of this rich culture.

  • Nithya Yoga: A revolutionary system of yoga in the lines of Sage Patanjali’s original teachings, taught worldwide.

  • The Nithyananda Order and its training: Spiritual aspirants ordained as sannyasis, brahmacharis and brahmacharinis who undergo years of intensive training in yoga, meditation, deep spiritual practice, Sanskrit, vedic chanting, life skills, and who man the ashrams worldwide working in all Mission activities.

  • Nithyananda Institute of Teachers' Training: Over 300 teachers trained to teach: transformational meditation programs, Quantum Memory Program, Nithya Yoga, Health and Healing Programs, Spiritual Practice Programs and more.

  • Support to scientists and researchers: Continually bridging gaps between science and spirituality through researches on spiritual energy and healing.

  • Nithyananda Youth Foundation: A collection of inspired youth, building a divine and dynamic society with a common ideology of global peace.

  • Nithya Dheera Seva Sena: Through transformation of self, this volunteer force of Ananda Sevaks trains and functions in the service of humanity, also serving as relief wing working towards disaster recovery management.


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